Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NLE 2016 Key

Report to Room 4 for exam 1st period Thursday, 16 March

Latin I 

1. D
2. A  
3. B  
4. B  
5. C  
6. D  
7. C 
8. B 
9. A 
10. A 
11. D 
12. B 
13. C 
14. B 
15. B 
16. B 
17. A 
18. C 
19. C 
20. A 
21. A 
28. B 
29. C 
30. B 
31. D 
32. D 
33. A 
34. B 
35. C 
36. B 
37. D 
38. B 
39. A 
40. B 


Saturn, whom Jupiter had overthrown, fled down from the sky to the earth and sailed into Italy. As a fugitive he was bringing great benefits to king Janus, who was ruling the land at that time. The ancient people of Italy were wild and were living without culture and laws. The people were not having houses but were living in caves or in trees. They were eating nuts and fruits and raw meat. Therefore Saturn gave laws and taught the people to build houses and to cultivate the fields and to cook food. For these benefits, Janus was giving thanks to Saturn. After Saturn sailed away from Italy, Janus wanted the people to honor this god. Therefore, when he was making coins, he was representing the image of Janus’ head on one side, the image of a ship on the other side. When Roman boys were playing, they tossed coins into the air and shouted out “Heads” or “Ships.”