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Quiz 1st & 2nd Conjugations, 23 Sept 2016

Latin I NOMEN:___________________________
Magister Milliken
Quiz: 1st & 2nd conjugation DATUM:___________________________

This quiz involves conjugating verbs of the 1st and 2nd conjugations, and also stating you name in Latin.

Conjugating Verbs: Remember that we identify the conjugation to which each verb belongs by looking at the infinitive (the 2nd principal part): 1st conjugation verbs have -āre in the infinitive, 2nd conjugation verbs have -ēre.  

The present tense endings for all regular verbs are:

Singular Plural

1st person -o  (“I . . .”) -mus (“we . . .”)

2nd person -s (“you . . .”) -tis (“you . . .”)

3rd person -t (“he, she, it . . .”) -nt (“they . . .”)

Verbs of the 1st conjugation have -a- in front of these endings (not including the 1st person singular), 2nd conjugation verbs have -e-, as in the examples below:

voco, vocāre - “call”

1st person voco  (“I call”) vocamus (“we call”)

2nd person vocas (“you call”) vocatis (“you call”)

3rd person vocat (“he, she, it calls”) vocant (“they call”)

habeo, habēre - “have”

1st person habeo  (“I have”) habemus (“we have”)

2nd person habes (“you have”) habetis (“you have”)

3rd person habet (“he, she, it have”) habent (“they have”)

For the “Speaking Latin” portion of the quiz:

If someone asks you, Quod nomen est tibi, “What is your name?”

You answer, Mihi nomen est (your name).

For instance, I would answer Mihi nomen est Magister Milliken

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